Watu wa Zimmerman what is happening?

This is very alarming, Nani ako kwa ground atupe uhondo kamili please.



Ten kids missing in a space of one week is very alarming.

Kenyans telling cop to shoot them.


Furthermore Kenyans are now fed up of judicial and police malaise and corruption. They’re taking matters to their own hands.

Shithole republic

In the end, bonobos, acting out of their very limited wisdom displayed their foolishness to the world over misplaced anger and poor judgement.

Lives could have been needlessly lost.

There’s no justice for the common mwananchi , that’s why they lynch evil doers instead of spending a lifetime in the corridors of justice ,seeking for justice which will never come.

I understand the men were relatives to the kid. The car had a minor accident where it hit a kibanda and when the thurakus saw a kid inside the guys were condemned as kidnappers. Inaoneka carrying your kid or nephew in your car is playing with fire.

Why could they not call the mother? If you are a man this is the wrong time to be caught with a kid. They’re lucky police intervened. Kenyans are frustrated. Economically and psychologically. They will burn you ukicheza.

They had the option of calling the mother or the father of the kid wakakataa . Sounds like a cooked up story.

Even the so called mother should be investigated.

Actually, what’s so hard in saying, This is my niece, her mother is so and so, she lives in that building and she has asked me to take the child wherever. You can confirm with her…? Why couldn’t the men explain who the child was to them; and why couldn’t the mother also explain why they had the child??

First they hit a kibanda. Next they refused to call the mother. Why?

They were probably driving recklessly. The mother needs to say who those men are. I don’t support beating people up on suspicion, but after seeing the sort of mess they were getting into they should have identified themselves properly. It’s very easy to get killed if a mob doesn’t understand you.

You assume the psychotic low IQ mob would actually listen , they won’t understand anything they are right no matter what. Pretty sure if they had reported the men to the cops everything would have been sorted and the needlessly attacks and destruction of property would have been avoided


I’m very sure the first assaulters were thieves though. Kawaida ya team building hio.

True, you can’t reason with a mob, but you should have the sense to also act as a sane human being if your life is threatened. If you are out with your own kid, are you going to sit there and get beaten up for nothing? There is still no reason for their refusing to explain the presence of the kid. I think what played against them first was hitting the kibanda, forcing them to stop. Hitting anything in some neighbourhoods is suicidal. If you do, better make sure you stop only at the nearest cop station.

agreed , but i still doubt they refused to explain , could it be that the mob wanted them to confess to something they didnt do