Watu wa Uncle Sam wamesema Hakuna Ugonjwa

I thought fanaticism and ignorance is only in Kenya. Kule US Trump supporters wameanza maandamano wakisema hakuna ugonjwa ati ni propaganada from the media. They want the economy to be opened up, just like what their leader is calling for.


Magufuli , @sani and demonstrators are


We know something kenyans don’t know,


This coronavirus, is it like ebola (as in, something that is clear and not capable of being mistaken for something else)?

Then why is he wearing a facemask? To those following conspiracy theories, that’s a good question to start with.

Brazil ni vile vile

Young, healthy people can’t stay locked up forever but they should maintain precautions because the viral load you’re infected with matters. The old, frail, and people with serious underlying conditions should isolate themselves.

I am seeing reports of people around the world saying they would rather die of Covid-19 than die of hunger. Makes sense to me

Starting a conspiracy theory is so easy, coz the general population just looks for things to hang on to. In fact I can start one, right here right now…

This guy with the sign has a hidden virus in his pocket. He says there’s no virus but has full protective gear on him. Do you know what he wants to infect you with? His infection enters through both the mouth and eyes! That is why he’s wearing goggles!
Avoid him completely! If he stands next to you for 1 minute, you will get the new modified virus, which they do not want you to know about! Stay safe, and share widely for everyone to know this hidden agenda!

Bottom line: There are soo many morons on social media. Nisione hii forward Fb.

This white bonobos are stupid.

Corona ni mythical disease.

Biggest scam ever… just like they faked the extent of the Swine flu in 2010 wakaiita pandic… WHO even apologised. Corona nonsense haitalast long


All those saying its a myth, yeah go out to the “mythical” cluster areas and protest at the top of your voice! Don’t wear a facemask or any protection. And stay there, dont put your families at at risk with your theories…

Personally I do not give a flying faaaaaark about the numbers issued by MOH kwa briefings. Sijui 900 in quarantine facilities, 4 dead, a billion recovered. I don’t give a sheeet!!! Nonsense!!!

  1. Covid-19 is an actual virus which can mess you up. Reacts differently to people. Mostly asymptomatic
  2. This is a scripted. All this panic, news briefs etc ni part of an agenda.
  3. Virus is man made.

Have 5g?learn how to protect yourself

The following crystals can also help with emf radiation,whether ionizing or non-ionizing:shungite,fulgurite,amazonite,black tourmaline,aegerine and amethyst.

Fucking Americans

Angalia statistics. It’s the young, obese, vapor, dope-smoking and carefree idiots that are straining the system. Very many of them have been infected. I hear that the beaches in FL were packed last weekend. Locally, we also had a handful of your ‘GOP friends’ protesting at our capital city of Annapolis.

:smiley: Oh OK. Good for y’all. I personally use crystal balls as a preferred choice.