Watu wa Trump

Trump amenikataza visa manze…but kama uko America hit me up I badly need nonprofit marketers who will solicit donations and call for volunteers in America…ntakupa 20% of any money you will raise for my nonprofit

USA hawapendi homosexuals ndiyo maana umenyimwa

Let me save this reply for another thread…for now we are on serious matters

Niuzie mbuzi

Only apply for visa when your case is strong hii kujaribu tu for the sake will dent your file and with visa application information sharing among western countries that denial is sure to pop up when you apply for another country

Asande for the information eunuch

Many NGO nowadays are struggling to find a sustainable source of funding, because they are way too many of them operating in the same field.
Maybe you should consider joining forces with others.

:D:D:D:D the internet never forgets