Watu wa SEO na online fiasharas

A Google broad core algorithm update is currently being rolled out .First one for 2020. Kama kawaida ,expect to see a lot of your sites dancing


how will that affect the greeting pattern of the village?

Google nayo haiwezi wacha tupumue?

Getting hit by the algorithm update is a normal occurrence especially if your website still has a lot of room for improvement.

Ride the wave and nukisha kitunguu proper

This is the beauty of the industry anyway. let the changes come

Mimi SEO ilinishinda with my new DIY site
I learned wordpress design from scratch SEO utanipa shocker

I thought I was the only one shaken by the update. I am praying things don’t get worse. PS: These updates typically affect the highly competitive keywords. So, if you’re a small man, SEO-wise, who is targeting Kenyan traffic, chances are that you’ll not be affected much. But if you’re targeting American traffic with some highly competitive keywords, these algorithmic changes are bound to make you break a sweat (one way or another).

Every year we go back to basics.