Watu wa PP2 na PEP na PrEP

Men with luwere wengi ni gaaay

That is a nice rib eye steak. But chances of transmission are 0.000001% unless you use a back door entry like @cortedivoire.


That’s a T bone steak


@PERDITION has been spreading ukimwi.in mlolongo for 10 years

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Mimi Santa pharmacy Niko Safi kama pamba , siko mchafu kama zile Choo zenu za karatasi huko oyole

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This medicine needs you to eat protein at every meal? What happened to fruits and vegetables? I thought it was a pill a day kwani ni dawa type ngapi?

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Othumo is leading in luwere and gayness


Wajakaa are always numero uno in all HIV related matters including gayism. Used to think Coast is the hub of gayism kumbe ni Wajakaa and they don’t even show it.

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