Watu wa plantation follow this series on marriage and finances

I love this preacher and though I haven’t watched the series myself except some snippets I can vouch for his content, anakuanga very real. I watch him alot but hii ya marriage and finance sijaona except in passing coz haini husu. @Yuletapeli plus mashoga @Agwambo the hostel man and @Heke watch na mulete feed back. I’m not mean with information that can help someone else. Sijui part 1 iko wapi.

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Umbwaaa nyanya mseeee

Kapondi unasumbua

Nataka summary

Enigma si umebadili nia :rofl:

Its for people in the plantation. I don’t watch vitu hazinihusu. Ata zile zinanihusu I still don’t watch. My attention span needs something very gripping to stay focused.

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a pastor is no different from a bum wa miraa…only an idiot would take financial advice from a jobless scammer

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Acha bitterness nani. If Zakayo is not creating jobs, God is. Heshimu mafuta

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Nimalisiee iyo maraya msee