Watu wa Okimwi


Very bad news indeed ,ghasiya Kama @Weyn aliambukizwa okimwih 2000 as his daddy inserted his wounded pinky inside his developing anuus .
But @Weyn sinned inside his mother’s womb so he deserves to kupepeta arvs daily like jungu karanga.
A hiv positive homosexual like @Weyn deserves all hell upon the earth

HIV aids is about to be overtaken by technology, it will soon be hustory in the next ten years

blood clots and circulatory system cancers galore

Hii sio mtego?

Kitu najua dawa ikitoka I will be hitting it raw nikiwa nimeishika kwa mkono.

HIV actually ata madem hawaigopi. I have picked up ladies na tukifika kwa bed they don’t even care kama nitakula dry ama nitaweka CD.

Ball tu ndio wanaogopa,so nani jichunge,ninkibaya huku nje

2021 na unaita ugonjwa kubaya … do you really have to show your decimal IQ each time

They have the cure but they don’t want to produce because ARV makes more money

True. ARVs ni kama monthly Netflix subscription. If the company introduced a one-time payment for life, that wouldn’t bring in lot’s of profit.

all women love dryfry

And does your fraction one make any difference:rolleyes: