Watu Wa Nyahururu Oiyee!

Remember me asking what I could do for a couple of days to escape Nairobi?

Well, I did a solo road trip to your town. Well, not quite solo, because I would give random women along the road a lift. Just for the kicks of it.

I have to say, your town rocks. Especially that bar Spanish and another called Sheriff.

(By the way @spear, are all those establishments with your name yours? And who the hell is Mburu Kamau?)

I was a little disappointed by Kawa Falls, the last place Wanjiru (RIP) visited before he was thrown off the balcony - when I had dinner there Saturday, I was the only customer. The two little gals waiting on me looked hungry for a man.

I also don’t think Laikipia Comfort is worth the Sh2,900 I paid for a double, given this is in a rural town, although I have to say they are very, very clean. But they need to improve on their service; they are generally slow.

About the gals. I first landed at a dingy bar called Ribs and landed myself an aged (hallo @Gio) Momo. She wanted to show me around but I knew immediately she would restrict my freedom to roam. So nikalenga, but took her number. She will be hearing from me soon, shock and awe style.

It is at Spanish where I met the woman of my dreams. Maggie N. (I am protecting her full name). Short, thunder thighs, dreaded, beautiful. After 4 WhiteCUPS I told her that I had fallen in love with her. She laughed and walked off. Every time, from across the room our eyes would lock, and she would look away. Obviously, she has a lot of admirers. Like Gen. McArthur, I will return. For Maggie.

I’ll play the long game with her. Not surprisingly, stayed there until 1am. I left wen some local cowboys started a fight over gals - I fear flying bottles.

PS: Management ya Spanish, get bigger bouncers!

Bar hopping I met all manner of flesh peddlers. At Sherriffs Wanjiku, who offered to give me the time of my life for 1500/. I laughed, and told her I was impotent. She looked pityingly at me and asked for another Guarana. Good company, but I am not into that kind of thing.

The people of Nyahururu are very friendly. I felt very much at home, not least - and I know this is controversial - they were all shiny-eyed. There is something about rural Kikuyu that is very endearing. I felt very welcome.

On Sunday I did the mandatory Thompson Falls thing. Right across was a neat gated community, but it looked deserted. Shortly, I saw an extremely beautiful brown gal and struck a conversation. She was Chiru, married but bored. She felt trapped.

She became my company for the day, and we had lunch at Panari. Only when we got there did I notice that her hands and feet were very dark - little shit was a bleacher. Any way I took her number. Next time I am in town, I will expect more from her.

Later that day, I started the drive back to Nairobi.

Two WhiteCups at Ol Kalou and one more in Gilgil.

At Gilgil turn-off, a herd of Zebras were browsing without a care in the world. I smiled. It was a beautiful life.

Later at Karai, I found a crowd praying at the site of the awful tragedy that claimed so many lives. I kind of sobered up, and drove up the escarpment slowly thinking about life, and how fickle it is.

As the car stereo played Chariots of Fire, that fickleness was brought down to me by the idiots screeching down the climbing lane from the Nairobi direction, totally oblivious of the yellow line they were not supposed to cross.


Huku tombana na venye kuna baridi na huko

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Picha? Hata kama ni za falls

Guess what…Nyahururu is my hometown. Am glad you enjoyed your trip…though am surprised you found company inside a club on a weekday. Club waterfalls:- that is the club we spend Christmas eve eating nyamchom and binge drinking. :smiley:




The norm is to bring pictures of the areas you have been, hapana mucene tu kama mama wa soko:). Serre:rolleyes:


Guka si ulichukua number nyingi sana !!! Ulikuwa na target ya kujaza phonebook ?


Weekday? I was there Saturday and Sunday, sir.

Huko hakuna Wakamba. By the way Kingolonde unajua nilienda Mayakos siku ya kwanza nikaibiwa simu hapo karibu na Cathedral? Kuna malaya wengi sana hapo na watu wa miraa. Walinivamia wakati walisikia nikiongea Kikuyu. Ilikuwa kama saa tisa asubuhi…shenji nyinyi!


No, they are not and i can’t invest in bar/entertainment establishment, its just too much stress like Matatu biz. Anyway i’m glad you did your trip and had fun.


Bookmarking this for my next visit to Nyahush


@Guru, Nyahururu is so much better than say Muranga, which I think is the deadest town in Sentro Kenya.


You didn’t even bring sweet poraroes?

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^^^Can I take you with me next time? Nanyuki circuit. I am doing it soon.

And by the way I hear Meru is a great town.


I love nyahee as they call it. I schooled there but one I remember with nostalgia how going to T falls was a to do list. The feeling of going to the bottom and near the point of impact of water is priceless,the cold(let me call it steam) on your body is awesome. By the way bado wanalipisha kuingia falls na ni how much?
I also learnt to appreciate small things in life that we take for granted example I saw walami wakilipa kuonyeshwa kinyonga seriously a chameleon!!!


You might have saved Shiru from diving into the fall. Could be @culture 's runaway wife…


@Chifu kuna mtu ametembea kwenyu hapa for the first time in his 64 years in Ke


kufa uwache kutusumbua

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If I can bring my boys:D:eek:

Huko wanasema wanachagua nani thenetor

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