Watu wa NGO tafadhali..

Anza ya mental na utatoa 90% of your patients hapa ktalk.
But on a serious note if you really want to help start by interacting and visiting the many children’s homes around. A very humbling experience and you will realize how even having tea in the morning is a blessing.
Personally I really feel for the children and if I was to start anything I would target the kids.

Interesting thoughts and contribution. Mental Health comes out strongly among cancer patients and underage sexual workers. I encourage you to look at Agenda 2030 or SDGs, start with SDG 3 then read all the others to get where to really dig into.

In Kenya, as Luther said, MH is ignored, but. has great potential of impact with little resources. Even in the children’s homes mentioned, they suffer in silence. Instead of starting something from the ground up, you could work with already existing platforms that are open to engagement. For instance, mental health care and referrals among people in borstal and foster institutions, or among cancer patients.
But in all this, passion alone won’t help you. Get some training, learn about these issues first.