Watu wa NGO tafadhali..


He will become part of the problem

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Great idea and God bless you for having your heart in the right place. (pray He puts your osungu in the right grammar hehehee).

Since you are passionate about the three causes (you need passion coz the challenges are great so maybe you could use the Kajwangian passionometer to vet your choices). Then you need to map out the thematic focus to know which ngo is doing what in the specific thematic focus, and from it chart your own intervention or what we call theory of change e.g how do you want to support the sex workers: economic empowerment, skill training etc.
Then put your money where your mouth is, get an expeeienced guy to set up a team. Work with the guy to set up a board that will jave different skills and exoerience to the ngo.

My opinion is I would avoid the sex workers inteevention because there are many ngo’s working with them because of the variois angles if interventiom from women rights, HIV/Aids, human trafficing ans modern slavery, and informal education. Cancer has potential but may need huge amounts if you are to target supporting treatment but I know few people have focused on it apart from usaid and indiana university at MTRH in eldie and the Texas Cancer center. But hey thats my opinion so dont write off the underage sex workers because of this it is a great idea with huge impact as long as the intervention is well crafted. Ni hayo tu.


Well put, unakula kwa program gani Saa hizi?

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I really didn’t read your first comment, kumbe sida illikua ‘found’ afande sazingine we ni dumbass sana :D:D


Boss anzisha hio shule ya osungu and employ @gashwin and @upepo to run it… @pamba ,
@Mzee mzima and the cow in the pic can wrestle each other for class prefect position.


kuna watu wanaweza kula mangooto sana…


I want to FOUND…thats correct english kapsaa


Chief, thank you for your insights, what do you think of the mental health issue?

Work on the street girls thing, it has more flesh and wider ability to attract funding. Plus this may not be very cash-intensive in initial investment.

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Kijana mdogo, osungu yako inafaa kua fresh kuliko ya guka gashwin! What have you been learning in college if you can’t even discern the simplest words like ‘found’? Tukikuita mzee mjinga tutakosea?:D:D

it’s discern not desern* dummy before you discredit someone abilities make sure uko perfect.

I’d go with mental health. It’s been long forgotten and neglected. It badly needs that ‘shot in the arm’ to get moving.


Anyway bootiez I can see through your BS. You’re probably looking for ideas you can pitch to jungus so you can start an ‘NGO’ and start eating their money. Tumeona wengi kama wewe. I know you’re not that rich to finance an NGO by yourself as you claim and furthermore why not help the needy cases you have seen around you? Kemea hio pepo ya kutaka kula pesa za wazungu under the pretence that you’re helping. My2centz

Vile doc amesema hapo juu. Challenge with uncharted waters where there is no focus ni kupata partners but starting off means when focus is given then you will be the focal point. The advantage is you get to chart your path the way you want since partners can derail your mission as you adjust ti fit to theirs. Among people with disabilities (pwd’s) those with mental health are marginalized.

Hapo underage sex workers iko sawa ntakuwa donor na pro bono worker .

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Chenye Uncle wewe hutumia kinafa kuwa legal

more likely a pro boner:D:D:D:D:D

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always check ddl yako kama iko na defineshen kwanza

again …check ddl yako for defineshen

In agreement. @jerrydubiz, try and consider schizophrenic patients, those with depression (silent killer), anxiety disorder and those suffering from drug addiction… but any mental disorder would suffice.