watu wa murang'a shame on you.

@Young people from @Murang’a you have let us down.
How can you allow your parents suffer yet you control 60% of nairobi businesses? Yes by this i mean few owns buildings, businesses while many youths are thieves, kina mwane the pretty thug and @10000 OTHERS, you can raise funds and drill several boreholes . somebody talked about a project that would turn the area into a desert but was told to leave the affairs of the area alone.
According to thuku somebody lost his job for airing it.
I HAVE long pulled down the update on Moses Kanyira the Kameme broadcaster/politician after getting more facts than I had. And I sincerely apologize to him. When I posted that, I had only one side of the story which I even did not disclose. I was not aware that his mom is unwell and the family will be raising money tomorrow for her treatment. I’m so sorry to hear that.
BUT that is not the main reason for his predicament. What happened to Kanyira today and what he has shared widely and which was the version I had, is disheartening and very heartless to say the least. According to sources close to him, Kanyira was dismissed today for speaking about Muranga water problem on radi. Apparently, the show he aired jana did not go well with the muranga county bosses and the station top management/owners.
Kanyira sent a very emotional farewell message to his colleagues today which I will not share if he has not done it himself. He says the events today almost led him to commit suicide. Losing a job when his mom is in hospital. Which heartless employer does that?
I DIDN’T know this Muranga water issue is a hot potato? Kwani what are the interests in it? Why would a broadcaster get fired over comments on Muranga water. Could the speculations about Muranga water be true?
Anyway, just a warning shot to journalists. Muranga water is now a killer topic.
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@native son shame shame shame

See no evil hear no evil

What exactly are you talking about? Who is moses kanyira

if you ever understand what @jaymoh posts then you can understand a donkey laugh

He is a radio presenter

Naona ndio umeamka ni kutapatapa kwa kila uzi @Falafulani

ndio Mungich

Moses kanyira is a journalist in Inooro fm owned by s k macharia
… the water issue is no reason to fire him . Muranga people have water problems and leaders both at county and national government must adress

Mungich sio matusi

Fucking sad seeing old folks who are supposed to be enjoying their sunset years doing brock lesnar exercises

so Kanyira the Muthamaki defender has been fired…Ara sijajua hivyo. For me am celebrating that there won’t be any of the royal family doyen to terrorize us. Muthamaki nonsense have seen the country have some of the worst years which will take the country decades to return where it was before 2013

nani amesema tunatukanana

He must have known he was being cut and decided to go out witj a bang to try and bend his employers hand by making it look like he was fired for supporting muranga people. Having said that…its an issue that needs to get addressed…isnt there a “muwasko” in muranga?

Sijasema hivyo kuna mtu mwingine hunitag kila mahali thinking itaniuma

Wacha kufanya mtu acheke na hizi ni shida kubwa

So sad kuona such an old man struggling with a jerican of water yet the leaders wanang’ang’ana hio maji ifike Nairobi coz its more profitable to them…we are a shithole country after all

Moses kanyira works (worked) for kameme FM.

My friend work hard when you are young and invest wisely, a time will come when all the strength will be gone. Kama huyu hakujipanga akiwa kijana sasa anapigana na grandsons ndio apate unga.

Mismanagement might be the cause of water shortage in muranga