Watu wa mjengo please, I need your help. Wakameat.

Shemeji siku hizi niliwacha kazi ya mjengo

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Siku hizi mimi ni main contractor. Wacha nitume vijana wafanye survey… @vuja de tebu kam kiasi


na usinyime masoness @Chloe kazi

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Red soil cost should not go above 1K per foot. But it also depends kama site iko town or rural. For tao expect to pay more

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That is one huge tank. Expect to pay between 4-6K per foot. The best approach is to contract the work in phases where you pay increasing rates with increasing depth. You see if I am really broke and need money, I would charge you 4k but only dig 2 ft before I disappear.

1k ni ngumu kupata watu,

ukiwa na haraka tafuta back hoe loader ifanye hio kazi,itamaliza na siku moja halafu utafute watu wakushape ,bei ya manual na back hoe ni the same

All my houses I use them so far so good clients are happy. Currently I have 2 ongoing projects and am going to use them.

NCA bado wanalipwa 0.5% or not? Kuna confusion mingi since June

hatchery imefika wapi?

Guys are still paying but its not necessary but at some point you still have to register the project.

Siwezi anza kujenga pigsty kabla nipate approval zote. Niko na ya county sasa bado ya NCA. Sahii ni fence tu nimeweka na kuchimba choose futi kumi.[ATTACH=full]57620[/ATTACH]

What’s the worst that can happen mtu kujenga bila iyo approval?

When building the structure, what’s on your estimate the fairest price to pay a fundi.

commercial rate for excavation is around kes 300 per cubic meter, thats about kes 75k total. you may consider installing a ready made plastic moulded septic tank e.g. from roto moulders. prices ziko on their website

the max capacity you can get for plastic tank ni 6 cubic, which is less than your needs

Lakini unaweza pia tumia this technology and say bye bye to honey sucker.

[ATTACH=full]57632[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]57633[/ATTACH]

That thing is expensive my friend if you do it properly.
I was given a quote of Shs. 450,000 in a rural area for same size as you are thinking. Still thinking of how to avoid that thing.

Haiwezi pitisha 200k

40 Bob per cubic foot Max, that’s what we pay for coral rock, red soil should be about 25bob per cubic foot

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