Watu wa marry below 24 years camp here ...

@Shosho So theres nothing like free sex, it always has to be transactional??

That is a v complicated question yawa. If I say yes or no, will I be talking for all women out there? I don’t want to assume that role. I might sound like some men here who purport to speak for all men and in some cases they speak for women as well. There is a reason why I poke on Muchatha Local and that is because his responses are no frills!
Narrow down the question pls.

The question is quite straight forward. You talked about not giving out free sex, so are all your sexual encounters anchored in some sort of transaction/payback…material, financial,etc

Wait wait wait…there are guys who want to be bedded on a gals bed.
Where do they get the guts from…My butt cheeks are too precious for such risk

It is common practice here. Why is it risky and everyone has their own place?

More of an emotional payback. Lakini hiyo circumstantial sex I just described is not for me. Hiyo pia yeye aende akanunue. If we are in a committed relationship then that is a different ball game.
If I was to sell sex I know where I should go and sell my old self to the highest bidder.

“Nyumba utarihagaa mwanake tigana nayo”.Those words are always alive in me when i engage the.mingle.mode

Homosexual mkuu lazima utafute pale utaingiza ushoga hata kama thread is leaning towards religion? Jinga

Kimakia this might be difficult to explain but in almost 100% of the cases everyone is expected to have their own home rich or poor…at a certain age…could be shared rented digs, could be your own umechukua morgage and the only SQs I know off are those who go after rich celebrities and air head footballers. Hizi zingine zile husoma hapa KT…sionangi…

That is why am in ktalk.My visibility is important

mimi kuna kadem nilidatwe kama hako. she told me kanenda bash ya beshte yake hadi nikakpeleka. kanishow by 1 atanikol twende out kiasi. nilipata simu saa nane ati nitume fair ya 1K ako town next na beshte yake wamekwama. cheiiii

haha,na ukatuma?

Only a kunguru would utter such words as if the man is having sex alone, or as if she is doing the man a favor by sleeping with him.

Kumbe sio mimi pekee nimenotice hiyo statement. Only a prostitute or a seasoned kunguru would use that line. Ukiona mwanamke akitumia such ashawahi uza nyap at some point.

Somebody once said “ the girl is always free, but the pussy costs money…”

M2RANDOM AND WHATEVER ELSE YOU GO BY…You are free to follow my posts hyperventilating as usual…woooi Houston Houston do read me oooh… you have a huge task in your hands.
Yes I am a kunguru, yes I am a jobless housewife, yes I do not own a bean in this world or even the next one if that makes the job easier and most importantly you cannot take those assets if you wanted to.
A long time ago there was a girl called shiko who posted her thighs here. You went on a rampage calling her an impostor and calling on like minded male thong wearers to wage a witchy war on her she left. The other day, you spent copius man hrs raining red on a certain thread by Cleoptra…and almost single day, you are here discouraging would be investors in matters you have no clue about:D
I am something else. I may ignore you and you may take that for cowardice. I view it differently. I will ignore you to deny you oxygen. Yesterday I left you on another thread working hard on screen shots…now again you are here trailing me on another thread altogether.
Do this ya?..go to the British Embassy and get yourself a visa. And since they are likely to deny you one pls find another alternative to your problem at hand. Which to me is my imaginary assets/life. Don’t bring the good man that is my late father in your biatchiness. He is the brains behind my imaginary inherited inheritance.
I am in a very good mood so I have replied. I shall now leave you to find someone else to tag on too.
Once again…it is sayonara bitch. Taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
#Mrs Shosho not boarding to JKIA soon. My mother is coming to visit us. #Try and stop it.:D:D:D

:smiley: Who is the somebody…oh wharra genius!

Housewife a.k.a birrionea mwitu, tumia food stamps na welfare pole pole huko randan. I exposed you for the wannabe you are because your stories have gaping holes and I see through the bullshit you post. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

‘they’re not that many’ :D:D That being said, you sound alright.