watu wa maandamano.....

ilikua tupatane wapi.? … punda ameshoka…

Wewe tuliza makende tupigwe miti. Kama RAO ametuliza makende, sisi ndio nani?


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We are not yet ready, we are very tolerant

Kenyans are tolerant kweli. RAO is not tolerant though, ni juzi tu ndio ameelewa vile Kenyans wanaoperate. That guy is thick. All this time hakujua anajaribu kuchochea mbuzi asiliwe kumbe mbuzi anashinda kumuuma kidole na hashikanishi.

Even after trying to create a buzz by faking an abduction, it’s DOA. This woman is giving genuine cases a bad name by crying wolf

[SIZE=6]Police query Mildred Atty’s abduction claim[/SIZE]

Damning discrepancies have appeared in an activist’s story about being kidnapped on Mombasa Road in Nairobi by men in civilian clothes on Tuesday.

they’ve already started feigning illness:D:D:D:D:D:D