Watu wa loans in 6 months mjitayarishe

Ndio iyo ujumbe. But note that Parliament will have to be involved and Kenya sought a 6 months extension of the 1.5B usd credit facility that expires next week. It seems IMF is back like in the 90s.


The savior may be the new law dropping interest rate caps will probably not be retroactive (to existing loan agreements).

Wacha nichekelee watu wa bank loans hao kwisha

This thing affects all loans including existing ones. Remember when they reduced the rates the existing loans were affected. The reprieve to borrowers will be extension of repayment period instead of monthly repayments amounts

We’re in this shit together. Whether you have a loan or not. IMF is here.

Labda bei ya vitu iongezeke nita notice otherwise maisha iko nyweee

Kwanza watu wamechukua loan kujenga apartments si wataskia uchungu sana loan payments vis a vis rental income

This will advantage borrowers who took loans after the capping laws were enacted. People who borrowed before then are screwed.

Just ask how it will affect you indirectly before creating a second comment. Maybe hold your peace while other guys of sober minds take you through informative replies or just visit any other thread. Thank you.

Ogopa loans chieth!

No advantage to anybody. Rates zikipanda pia zao zinapanda

Won’t that be breach of contract?

I can see a court case !
Since the regulation came have the banks posted loses ?

Will parliament pass that new law? Banks are still making big profits, they are still lending to kenyans, there is really nothing that shows the caps are bad for the country and MPs across the divide seemed happy passing the capping law (perhaps because they also benefit from cheaper loans) will they want to scrap them caps? Looks unlikely to me

So true… These days ma ‘to let’ ni mob na rent yao normally huwa outrageous

Hakuna breach of contract. That clause is normally in there. Ni vile watu huwa hawasomi

Kama nyumba haijilipi in 8years don’t invest

Unfortunately, we have a rubber stamp parliament that will do whatever the executive wants.

This is a teaser rate which expires upon the repeal of the caps rate law coming soon. Many Kenyans will be trapped.