Watu wa LA kujeni hapa

Is it true in langata ati the number of water Bowser’s roaming around is many than the matatus that operate there ?

Very true…
Ma dame wa langata ukimwambia uko na maji kwako anakupatia tako bila stress

If you were to way lay and capture the local MCA(s) and tie him to a tree and give him 10 nyahunyos and even let @uwesmake the local homosexual Bukusu dwarf to destroy his rectum I think Kenyans would be willing to forgive you and look the other way.

Why do you vote for MCAs or that Kalenjin Nixon Korir and yet wamekataa ku-address hii maneno?

Where is Raila the guy who represented Lang’ata for decades???

Watu washikane watatue.

Shida ya maji huko is not a recent phenomenon. Ilianza late '80s, early 90s, when council water was being diverted to Moi and Co. flower farms in Karen and its environs. But more recently kumekuwa na uncontrolled developments, flats etc. adding strain to the already overloaded system. Kuna wakati sewage was flowing backwards into people’s houses. The final nail is corruption; kanjo officials working in cahoots with water bowser owners to make a kill.

Hio sio final nail…ni the only nail. Its Nairobi water guys who earn fixed monthly amounts from water bowser owners to ensure the water problem remains as is. This happens in several nairobi estates.

Developers have countered this buy digging boreholes with each new construction nowadays. I think the latest estimate last year was 3000 boreholes. And more are drilled daily. The NMS drilled 100 new ones juzi. I wonder if this will have an adverse effect on Nairobi. These things always do when not well planned.
Indonesia will be forced to abandon Jakarta and start a new capital city. Jakarta is at sea level and the boreholes added to the acceleration of the city sinking.