watu wa kenya power saidieni

no elec from sunday evening and customer care is not helping, phase problem affecting several flats !!

Unaishi wapi?

Use their social media forums they are quite effective. FB or twitter

Roysambu…on fb wanasema tu they are following up!!


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KPLC=Kenya Power Lighting Candles:confused:


…tupa hao kwa twitter. Its more effective coz they dont like being a topic of discussion.

There is a power station at Roysambu. Walk there

Request the customer care personnel to put you through to a supervisor because so far they have failed to solve your problem. If the supervisor does not resolve the issue in a day, request him or her to direct you to the next person in the hierarchy. You will spend months in darkness if you continue entertaining the empty promises of the customer care department. They will promise anything just to get you off the phone.

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Wacha nikuje na tester.

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Change phase iyo ni problem ndogo

From Sunday??? Sasa ata wewe unaambiaga watu ya ushago unaishi Nairobi??

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zisiporudi leo…kesho naenda kwa hio substation!!

they have not responded to my tweet!!

A pal of mine who lives in Roysa has just told me that he has power. Are us sure sio units zako zimeisha or landlord hajalipa stima?

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am currently at roysambu near PAC university visiting a bae and there are lights here at her place… weka units kijanaaa

And tell the transformers your complaint? It’s rare to find any staff there.

You two stop displaying your ignorance on matters you have little knowledge about. The phase failure is most likely originating from the transformer supplying power to his immediate locality. That’s the one Kenya Power take their time to rectify since it affects only a few consumers.

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4 days ma-thighs? the kplc engineers work 24/7 round the clock/overtime/nights name it. I doubt repairing a transformer in a place like roysambu (hapo shell) where power is required to run businesses would take almost a week. Maybe you’re from kplc and if so then you’re taking a nap on your job if thats the case!