watu wa hii platform ni bure kabisa!!

I see everyone on this platform bashing single mums. You mfs are the ones who impregnate these women out here then come over here chest thumping how your baby mamas are bad… ohh so you did not know she wasn’t wife material when you were busting your nut inside her? Never have I ever seen a man on this platform own their mistake… as men need to be responsible. Teach your sons to be responsible too. Kama ulimwaga ndani, be responsible about it.

Singo matha niaje

Kaa na mamayako

Oh shit… White knight

white knight ni wewe, budah ukimwaga ndani be responsible about it , kama si hivyo tumia condomu

ni kama umekunywa bitter lemon leo. Just saying

They don’t get raped.
[INDENT]They love to come over the man’s home.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]They unbutton their blouses and remove them willingly.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]They unzip their skirts and remove them willingly[/INDENT]
[INDENT]They unclasp their bras and remove them willingly.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]They remove their panties willingly.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]They spread their legs willingly.[/INDENT]
They are loose and they get what’s coming to them.

Beta chieth get out of here or we interfere with your orifice diameter. o…O

yeah, I met with my friend today. That mf is stupid to say the least. Alidump dem after ameskia amepata ball. They have dated for 3 years btw, but because the woman is now pg, ameanza kusema huyo si wife material sasa. Budah, for 3 fucking years hakujua??? I was straight with the guy, nilimwambia yeye ni mjinga, alishika nareh, I’d rather be honest with him than tell him what he wants to hear

Who impregnanted your siz

beta male ni wewe , alpha men own their shit, Be a man!!

Si ukuwe pastor basi.Jamaa amemwagia sistako ndani then akawaruka aiaiaiaiaiiaia

you’re a useless boy

lakini mbona wajiingiza kwa affairs za watu wameshare kitanda moja? Ama wataka wakusongee?

we are supposed to be honest with our friends… he shouldn’t have told me his affairs in the first place. Budah!! mimi namwabia ukweli akitaka kudedi adedi

Sawa Mr. Perfect Surname, No Skel3tons

noo, nobody is perfect that’s why people own their mistakes.,

own your mistakes but don’t justify your sht, the guy wanted me to support him justify his sht

Kijana you don’t know what you are talking about