watu wa HELB hapa munakamatwo

Kenyans who have defaulted on repaying their loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) will not be allowed to renew their driving licences this year.

This follows a deal struck between the National Transport and Safety Authority and Helb that would require defaulters to repay their loans first or commit themselves to repaying before getting their licences.

“We recently compared driving [licence holders] and Helb defaulters and surprisingly we matched 8,000 records of driving [licence] holders who are not repaying; we have agreed with [the] NTSA that one will not renew driving [licence] this year if he or she is a defaulter,” Helb Chief Executive Officer Charles Ringera said in a statement.

Mr Ringera said the board was also sharing data with the Kenya Revenue Authority, the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), the NSSF and the Immigration department but said it should be anchored in law.

“We want our Act reformed to help address the myriad of challenges — a more progressive Act that will allow us unfettered access to credit information or tracing of loanees,” he added.

He lauded the government’s support for the implementation of Chapter 6, saying it should go beyond the public sector to the private sector by heightening Helb compliance.

“We are working with all recruitment companies to have Helb compliance as part of the due diligence for potential employees,” said the chief executive officer.

He disclosed that the board had started a comprehensive diaspora engagement with borrowers by appointing “Helb brand ambassadors” and also appointing private debt collectors particularly in the US, the UK and South Africa.


Na wale wa Footsubishi?

Is the so called deal anchored in law?


nikona anti-carcinogenic wheelbarrow…nathani tuko safe


They dare not fall sick as NHIF is also in the loop.

Ni vitisho, hawa jamaa have had access to NSSF and KRA records from back in the day, in 2011 a guy in our office was tracked to the employer the moment he started paying his NSSF

Hahaha…these guys are really agressive. Soon they’ll pass a law that if you have money in the bank and you are defaulting on helb repayment, they will start automatically taking money from your account

wacha nika renew dl kabla waanze.

helb was a grant not a loan


bado wanatafuta tu njia:D

Ahahahahhahahahahahahahahhqhqhahah that’s for real?

iko in process i think

Hii ni noma, hapa dawa ni kulipa tu!

Pesa za HELB maninja mingi zilitumia kwa fombe na malaya and that’s why wanaona ugumu kulipa


and i drank all the money.
faq me

Wewe ni kama hukusoma terms and conditions

these guys are closing in fast n furious. Next Njoro my mutura guy ataniambia “nimeabiwa hakuna kuusia watu wakona deni ya HEOB”


My debt with HELB has absolutely no relationship with my right to drive. Any law passed will be illegal and will crumble at the smallest challenge in court. Strictly speaking, the 5k monthly penalty is unconstitutional, only that nobody has ever challenged it.

Alternatively, they may allow defaulters to drive without DLs or remove the law for mandatory NHIF membership.


Dawa ya deni ni kulipa.

I thought so too…till they tracked me doen ma penalties za 200k…glad its nearly over

Kulipa deni Ni kujitegemea… Otherwise tegemea mathree Na taxi…:smiley: