Watu wa GEMA Chungeni sana

We should tread carefully (especially Kikuyus). We cannot afford to mistreat or malign the DPP in any way unless we want RV to be a no go zone for GEMA people. Sasa UK na hekima yake ametoa NTSA kwa barabara yet the DP had leased so many vehicles to that amorphous body and was earning a steady, guaranteed income of kedo 8m per month. Tuchunge sana tusijipatetunanyoroshwa RV na mishale imewekwa sumu.

Meanwhile let’s do our fucking across party and tribal lines before 2022.

Unapenda kutombwa.

I think we should run away from this tribal mentality and tribal manner of seeing things in Kenyan politics. Killing each other on account of tribe just for politicians who care less which tribe you belong to after gaining power I think is the most stupid thing one can do. Lets vote people who can deliver regardless of the tribe. Tribalism is the fertile ground that breeds impunity and corruption.

Easier said than done. Talk is talk and talk is cheap

Kutombana si kutombwa

ebrify or go ferk yourselof

He is a public servant. He is not even allowed to do business with government.

My fren, every rich public servant is rich because of doing business with the government.

Hawa wakikuyu wamekuwa ovyo sana,kila mtu akitaka kunyoroshana anafikiria kikuyu

Blonde again!

Hello sharp person


ebu ambia watu wako kwa ground hii maneno uone

Where do people come up with this bull? Is there a factory that produces large amounts of bull in secret ad dispersed to a select few?

It’s only bull … until it’s not

Do you believe what you have just written? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Hiyo siasa ya threats won’t work for Ruto and Kalenjins. Kura ameshapata ya GEMA and any form of threat can only work against Ruto.

There is no Kalenjin who has threatened any Kikuyu for not voting Ruto 2022 nor have I heard Ruto so threatening. Politics ni kujipanga and even I am sure Ruto has option B incase GEMA does not support him which obvious wont involve threatening GEMA with eviction from rift valley. I think GEMA have got a right to support the person it befits them but with wisdom of politics in mind

William Ruto was in politics before Nyayo milk got phased out. Where were you then?
Don’t rock the boat before 2022. It will make you similar to the opposition.

Trust me Ruto is more assured of GEMA votes in 2022 than he’s assured of the kalenjin vote (especially with the Gideon Moi factor). Am sure his headache will be to consolidate the Rift Valley vote rather than the Central vote.

Gideon hawezi. Amini. Ka ki mwaa ni chito Ruto. No more, no less.