watu wa embakasi kujeni hapa...

Ever since last year i have been wanting to move to this hood but due to time constraints i have not managed well finally am doing it this end month. I am looking for a perfect mancave you know what i mean by that preferably between taj mall( that building is ugly af) and utawala and or including sorrounding areas like nyayo or tassia. Currently am using two routes either kasa to town then town to embakasi or mwiki to njiru then njiru to bypass junction then finally embakasi depending on the jam situation. It roughly costs ksh 250 to and from work. Am looking to use upto ksh 8000 ( hatukukuja nairobi hii kutajirisha landlords:D:D) sasa leteni suggestions…mpaka za local bar

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For that amount your man cave will be a bed-sitter in pipeline. Forget about Tassia, Fedha and Nyayo.


Don’t forget to say he went for official visit… For a pilot program of establishing a base there

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I suggest you get a spacious bedsitter in pipeline proper. The economy over there is 24hrs.You can come and go without drawing any attention.


pipeline mambo yote,spent quite a bit of my young adult life huko,place poa haina usoro


You are using too much money on transport i.e 250x20 = 5000 bob a month.
Move to a place closer to your work place. Less traffic headaches and you wake up early in the morning at your convenience.

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Thats what am talking about

i agree with this. all in the name of running away from home?


Fcuk that hood! Perrenial water shortages tuanzie hapo! Ongeza malaya wa mchele, your laptops/ electronics will be gone in weeks. Jam ya outering, broken sewers, sewer rats etc.

But plus ziko kibao, lots of kao ladies to bang, Malaya are affordable, weed is available. And yes, Kitindo Bar is a walking distance. A perfect getaway for a bachelor. But usikae sana huko, u might end up being a pimp as a side hustle.


Thanks bro for the insight where would you recommend haki hii kuunganisha three mats in the morning is no joke

save for water then that’s the place. enda huko. hio side hustle itakununulia toyota rumion

Keja huko ni mob sana, huwezi zimaliza kuziona in a day. Depends na preference zako, mfuko inatoshana aje na proximity to a watering hole (Very Key). Tafuta a loose sato, piga lap by the time ifike jioni ul have seen samples kadhaa. All buildings that have vacancies wataweka notice kwa gate so si hustle mob vile.

Hehe,a 24 HR economy means no muggers, so no taxi fares ukiangukia kachipo. Another bonus

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pipeline is overcrowded… I hate that place.

naishi hapo nyuma ya tajmall.hi nyumba imeshikana na amazom club.inbox me for details.maisha iko pyipu walai.wooooooooooooooooi.sihami mimi

Enda kitengela up easily get a 1 bdrm with 8k fare 2 twn in the mrng is 80 bob jioni 80 or 100

Hit the nail on the head on this! Alafu the route sometimes has problems, matatu crew wars n all.
The worst according to me is matope during the rainy season. The only lami huku ni main outer-ring road. This will add an additional 2o bob to your budget to have your shoes cleaned.
The only pro here is if you commute to CBD daily, the train is available as an option!

Hamia wakanyama apartments situated in one of the leafy suburb of nairobi,advantages,fresh air,availability of fresh fruits,milk and vegetables from nearby farms,water,biogas ,etc

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Mujamaa hii ni pesa ndogo ,jameson na skewers kadhaa inamaliza hio doh