Watu wa Elbigitikiu wako na mambo....

Iko wenye wako huku, ni nini hua shida yenyu?:D:DScreenshot_20230528_185519.jpgScreenshot_20230528_185721.jpg

nipe nikusifu


They toss a coin.

@chap na @Nipe Nikusifu

So @PHARMACY akona micro penis bc everytime yeye ni bottom. angalia hapa vile anakalia makende ya bf wake wakiwa naivasha Screenshot_2023-05-27-15-47-00-827_com.miui.gallery-edit.jpg

Mbona unaficha information already in the public domain. Here is the tweet

… Good work genius…

This kimani tweets about everything. He is imaginative although still a juvenile idiot

You do me I do you . Simple

Jesus Christ!!





Unachuna zaidi mkulima kuchuna

Elders we all know @Nipe Nikusifu is a filthy fagget crossdresser homosexual dog. He loves being penetrated . He was recently taken to hospital to be removed a massive cucumber stuck in his filthy buttocks . @Nipe Nikusifu in faggotry circles is a mtaro a smelly mtaro

Very gaaaaay thread

Whatever you have said is only you who understand, but thank you for commenting.

… And you couldn’t help but be part of it through commenting.

Now tell us of that day poyoloko visited you in mlolongo on your invitation for a balozi drinking fest. Rumour has it that he was seen later that evening running to Nairobi with a used condom stuck in his diabs.

You know you pretend to be of any IQ but you are a monkey right? Wewe ni shenzi tu ya kawaida bwana degree I know you are a shenzi