Watu wa DFHKM

Clever one,
Mtu akimeza ARV’s na wewe utumie condom as @WuTang has said, utapataje virusi

Ni rahisi sana kusema but all it takes is one cut na ujue hii ni game ya friction. Just one bullet in the chamber.

Kuna samaki fulani tamu sana ya Japanese inaitwa fugu. The only catch is that it’s terribly poisonous. Unawekewa hapo ka slice but you might not get up from that seat.

Na kwani ARV inaua virusi?

Makes the viral load low reducing the chances of infection. Most people are highly infectious during seroconversion when the viral load is extremely high and the body has not developed antibodies for it. After that stage the body develops some kind of immunity which keeps the viral load low but ARVS help keep it lower.
Still people should practise safe sex. Na pia kuna Prep. @Luther12 can correct me if am wrong

Sawa. If I may ask are you Luo? Because a Luo man fears nothing kwanza ikikuja kwa hii game. Sio stereotype. Ni maoni after years of observation. But I may be biased.

Kikuyu from Kiambu

Left of ghwat ghwere according gwho?


There is truth in your statement and it is backed by evidence. This report was from Daily Nation and the link is provided below. Don’t be misled to think HIV AIDS is not a big deal. It is a big deal. A very big deal.

mimi huyu wa right anakuwaga ameni finish ile mbaya tukapatana mahali naeza tu mfuata nyuma she drives me nuts na mimi najua hajui.anaitwa kobi kihara eiiish

Walikuwa discordant couple
But chali alikula sana mpaka ikampata. Very strange

chunga or you’ll be sued for sexual harrassment… sijui kwenye utatoa 20 mirrions…

ati luo hawaogopi ukimwi @Deorro :smiley: :smiley:

‘Kama mbaya mbaya kwani sida iko wapi! Hii kitu sisi kwisa zoea. Hii kitu ni lasma!’

Niliskia kwa pub juzi tu. Na alifyeka huyo carrier.

ni makeup. na lighting poa. na nguo. na hairstyle fiti. take them all away, she’s just any other early 40s chick with a weird laugh.

Just like you can have an ugly house upake rangi watu wanashangaa. first time i saw lillian muli sans lighting and makeup i couldn’t recognize her.

Sometimes in life you have to block nonsense. If the Luo want to live dangerously let them do it. For yourself don’t live dangerously. Get a good lady and live the good life.