Watu wa DFHKM

Would you do the lady on the left?

She is positive!
Na huyo mwanaume amemkimbilia for 10 years, reason being: love is blind.
In my opinion hiyo ni upus wa grade ya juu

(team tuliona… Oneni tena na msisumbue)

wawili wapendanao usi…

With a condom, yes. Kwanza kama anameza ARV’s, she can live for many years to come.

who is she…looks like someone i saw during the supreme petition

Kama ni left then me na left
Nakwambia ukeep left
Ju right ni wrong

I miss kalahari lyrics

let them live in love. if he can see his future with her, so be it.

had to watch that show friday in some waiting room… the chic in white is a total bitch talking about how she had better skin than the DJ

Left ni gani? Amevaa black or white?

Akimeza ARVs viral load huwa low sana unaweza kamua Dry fry na usipate virusi… Lakini usijaribu dry fry ushtuke ukiwa stats ya the low percentage.

your left. left of view.

My left ni huyo wa black

tricky akanyal

ooh Jah save the boy child,she looks beautiful dry fry material tukijiambia,tutajua hatujui.

Dont tell me you don’t know her name??

Nefa efa…na cd ikiraruka ama fudhi ikukate?

You should take ur chances,we risk to survive

Well I know you have once shagged a HIV +ve positive just that you didn’t know it and it went well

Kwa nini iraruke? Watu ndo hawajui kutumia cd vizuri.

Are you serious??!

You do realize this is playing Russian roulette? And these chicks are always the finest, maybe because of those pills. Enyewe wanaume huharibu vitu poa. Unaharibu na unaenda (the bugger usually dies early) making sure no one passes through there.

Hehehe kind master teach us, CD huvaliwa aje