Watu wa coast wacheni uchawi muokoke


Hiyo mwili wachawi walikuwa na bash wakaitafuna sagwa sagwa, ama imegeuzwa zombie ikuwe inalima shamba usiku. Kuiba maiti is also very common kule Gusiiland and parts of Luo Nyanza.

Hmmm,unless my forensic side hustle ziko kombo,that grave doesnt look like it was filled or a casket being interred let alone a body. It appears prepared though prior to a burial . Unless the grave robbers were neat freaks:D:D

Wakisii ndio hukula watu. I hear you have to guard your dead for days ama wakujie maiti wakakule.

Wretched primitive bonobos

You , mean wagisu? Hao sio wakisii. They reside in UG.

Even the Kisii steal corpses from the grave. The Bagisu are a cannibal tribe from Uganda

So simiyu22 is a cannibal?

Watu wa coast wakikua high wanapenda kukula slices kwa corpse

Kisii and UG are two countries I can’t do to without armed security.


Mwili ya mamako inafanya rounds sabina joy and you darw speak of aza pipos mwilis? Faggot you berra watch your mouth mutoto wa malaya :smiley:

Utaskia @LuandaMagere akisema the evil whiteman forbade innocent Africans from committing Egyptian practices such as these here.

Sijui you wuz kangz n witchdoctors n shiet. :smiley:

Sijui baby Jesus was a story stolen from the Mijikenda n shiet. That’s how Jesus rose from the tomb, rolled stone n shiet just like this Mijikenda lady n shiet.

@Ndindu naye atasema, “The mijikenda do this because the evil whitey stole all the expensive minerals n shiet. So the only thing remaining for the Mijikenda to take from the ground are dead bodies!”

Kisha amalizie, “Racism and slavery affect the Mijikenda to these day. The colonialist government has left these body snatchers with no option. Black Lives Matter! Africa is poor because of racism from the black leaders.”