Watu wa China na Russia, something to celebrate.

Despite this being RT news, this video is informative and very straightfoward. Due to U.S sanctions Russia is proposing to conduct more trade with India via local currencies.

Lakini ukiangalia kwa YouTube comments ni kama Kenyatalk tu. World war 3!! :D:D

The thread says one thing talkers understand their own interpretations.


Nimeona ‘Beligian region bans halal slaughter’



In fact world should cease using $$, it’s being used as a tool to punish countries opposing imperialist USA!!

whats wrong with the Russian RT news?

wasasumbua persians sana pareee kwa khomenei

Khomenei empire of Iran has been around for 5,000 years. US ya @patco has been around as a country for 400 years. Jijazie which one is the permanent empire and which one is temporary waiting to dissolve into oblivion.

Orange man empire is just lead by greed and a lot of show off. Ni myambo ya punda tu.