Watu wa Bitcoin

Bitcoin.com co-founder has warned that Bitcoin is “the riskiest investment you can make”.

Let’s jump in!

Personally nangoja islump kabisa

Then nibuy.

Anyone who knows economics will tell you King Pops actually has a point

hadi Nakamoto aongee…hao wengine ni meffi beneficiaries trying to ease the fears of banks and governments.

When will that be?
It fell to 11,000 last week. Did you buy?
What if that is the lowest it will ever fall?
Without fear of contradiction, I can promise you that I’ll be in the battalion that will sell to you at the next slump from 40,000 to 30,000.
People like you exist to make others rich.
You’ll never have the confidence to take the risk for a deep dive, until when everyone is on their way out.

key word BITCOIN.COM CO-FOUNDER i would be moved if it read bitcoin co-founder kama hatujui satoshi sembuse huyo

Morning King Poop.

Now the real money lies in spreadbetting Bitcoin.Don’t waste your money buying the real thing.

And what’s this?