watu wa banking na pesa kujeni hapa (take the survey)

Now my frens, a silly fren of mine in deep financial woes and mid life crisis has decided to take a heavy top up from a bank. His plan is very simple, take the loan ditch his nagging wife to the wolves and relocate to mayuu aka the States to play cat and mouse with Dtrump. He has a good credit rating and very willing to be black listed by the credit bureau. He is convinced that no one will come for him and no action will be taken against him.

Wadau swali ni can he get away with it?? how many of you have actually done this?? what actions do the banks do in such a case where one defaults and ducks to foreign lands??

Mwambie awache ujinga(of which it’s you) na atumie hiyo pesa kujidevelop. Anaweza tupa familia but atarudi akiwa amefold mkia hiyo pesa ikiisha.

About defaulting kuna consequences if it’s a top up secured by an asset like gari hivi ama nyumba. Zinakujiwa hivi karibuni.
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If it was that easy everyone would be doing it…

Easier said than done

Doesn’t the embassy require to see your bank statements

Mwambie anajikaranga na mafuta yake mwenyewe

kama ni salary secured, guarantors watachotwa. mwambie awache ujinga

true, no bank will give one a ‘heavy loan’ without some form of security either an asset or guarantors, and when he defaults the bank goes after whatever security was used - if its those cash advance banks give, I don’t think it will even be enough for a plane ticket.

this guy has decided, the kids moved out and in university so minimal collateral damage. I really understand him, the wife can be a pain. I’m surprised that hes not a kunyofolewa case. The other properties, hes relinquished them to the wife

He’s looking at 5 mil na loans hajamaliza, under which circumstances does the bank go to the insurance company to ask for compensation incase of a default??

…swali: umechukua loan na payslip. no guarantors no collateral alafu uchujwe job. what’s the worst they can do?

I have a friend who acted as a guarantor wa Sacco loan to a workmate.Kumbe the workmate had already planned kwenda majuu.Two weeks before he flew out akaanza kuuza vitu zake.My friend imebidi alipe loan with other guarantors .Everyone knew of the departure of the nigga almost a week after since hata job alikuwa haja quit.

I don’t know about the worst but first person to contact is you na ukikosa kuchukua simu ama you go mteja they call your next of kin. After a certain period of defaulting they pass it on to debt collectors.

$50,000 in Trumpistan will not take him far. Si aende tu Uganda au TZ and set up a thriving biz if he has already made the decision?


Less culture shock

Low cost of living

More or less similar climate and Kungurus

They normally give you a grace period to find new work and harass you with phone calls.

wah, thats tough!! paying someone’s loan while unajua anakula hepi mayuu. but hes taking it aganist his assets, which he owns, with the wife, and his payslip

hes in Ekwitee bank bado watamfuata huko, he’s also blinded by the ‘illusion of grandeur’ of going abroad and living it up. We’ve talked to him but he’s made up his mind. Atafuatwa na benki au laa??!

You t6hink the embassy will deny you passage once they see you have money, lol!!

NO personally hapana, maybe assets if any will get attached. Haven’t you heard of immigrants in the US who refinance their houses then bounce with the money back home? Then in Uganda or TZ if he does not use Equity hatatafutwa bana, si kuna Barclays and stanchart pia huko or even local banks. Going to the states with such money will be his biggest undoing kwanza if he wants to be an illegal, it won’t last him long even if he decides to go to college, assuming he is still young. You can bet he will be dead broke in two years or less and deeply regret his decisions.

He comes across as a quick-fix kind of person. If he makes it in Uganda or TZ he can tour wherever he so wishes and “live it up.” as he puts it

Loan money??? Have you ever applied for american or British visa?