watu wa babu kunjeni hapa

translations pliz

Naona akigusa kifua na anataja @Gradethi then anaonyesha thutha na ku point nuts. What is?


nini inakunjwa?

Tranlesheni tafasareee

That must be some crazy sh!t. Waiting for translation to.

Hapa @Okiya tu ndio anaweza saidia.

Kush can you stop tagging me for silly things where old ugly stalkers live. I am to be found in the music section or inbox. I thought you were seyying something else.

Eti tukunje wapi?

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Mkia @Abba akukamue



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Villager don’t ever ever tag my name asshole. Ambia deorro nimekuambia hivyo

Whatever the clown is saying, it sound and looks vulgar. Let us wait for Idi Admin Wa Mafeelings to finish paying the NV’s their Bamba10 dues.

Berrow the bert niccur

Ni atia Ex wakwa. This clip sounds interesting, lets wait for transleson from @Deorro . Otherwise how are you doing my deer one

@ kush yule mnono…It would be nice if you could stop tagging me. Say hey kwa inbox and play some music. Do not invite me to read old ugly ugly males whose wives have boobs rolling to their toes.

… Was just about to respond. Then I thought no.

Watu wa babu are too angry to translate it for us…loosing two cases in two days is not a joke…

No sawa though hapo kwa boobs rolling to their toes itabidi umeleta mbica