Watu Husema Magufuli Eti Ni Mkali, Ona Basi RC Mwanri. Wish We Had 54 Such Presidents In Africa

By the year 2035 Africa yote ingekuwa Middle Income Economy. What I know is that Africans can ONLY function under intense supervision and threats. Africans have ZERO self drive.


We need such Dictators kama sio Hivo We need British Back for another 300 years. Democracy was not meant for Africans because they are Politically immature to handle it.


[SIZE=4]RC MWANRI akasirishwa, Nusu apige mtu vibao: Sitaki kusikia mtu akinipinga[/SIZE]

This guy is on another level. I follow YouTube for his latest crackdowns

Sasa compare na vile waks inatambaa ndani ya kenya yenyu tukufu

Wa nchi gani huyo

Regional Commissioner wa Tarafa moja kule Tz

How come nobody brings the good cases, just these outbursts? They must be there, surely? Cases where the RCs agree with what’s going on or lack come back.

So taarafa brazza. No Mkoa. Taarafa ni division, I think

Ooh sawa nishamjua…nilikuwa sijacheki video

Huyu ni Balaa


These RCs hold monthly barazas where people bring their grievances.
Saw RC Ally Hapi, summon a bank manager and the bank’s legal officer in front of a village baraza, scolded them and ordered them to go open the bank on a weekend and bring documents pertaining to a house that was unlawfully auctioned by the bank.
Huyo RC Mwanri is hilarious and no-nonsense and is really a hands on leader. Always on road/building contractors necks for shoddy jobs.
To quote him, “Nani anapinga? Kama unapinga, nyoosha mkono jifanye unajikuna”:smiley:

He’s the regional commissioner Tabora. Very funny guy with crazy style of administration that works well in the rural setting of his posting . Overly religious too.

Anaitwa RC wa Toronto (Tabora), simamisha kazi, fyeka wao, sukuma wao ndaani!!
His mission is to make his region productive, and towns look like Toronto.