Watoto wa singo mathas wanaumia banae

Elders angalau some of you like @Simiyu22 the fukuswii mujitokee kuokoa hawa watoto wapate baba. Licha ya kuwa na pesa, watoto wa Zari hassan pia wanaumia


Abd just when you thought the rich are spared, Zari hassan says hold my beer. She has male kids in their twenties and anothe bunch of toddlers. I think ako na watoto saba ivi

Hua nahurumia watoto wa huyu kunguru. How do they feel when they see their mother engaging in such shenanigans with boytoys like @jmoy. Haikosi walipitia pale high school na ma fisi wakitafta digits za mama yao.

A first class wench

Hawa singo matha if they can take care of the child pekee yao, why do they become broke once a man comes into their lives?

Nanusa hekaya

‘Hadi Mkia’ the original trilogy,

hapa DC marvel wakujie scripts za hekaya moto

The second advise is totally misleading. Its not okay to tell a boy that its okay to feel worthless coz of the absence of a father. Tunawaaimbia daily father figure muhimu but wanadai ati they are strong

I read one decided to become a shoga

Damn !!! If you’re able to stay in the lives of your kids, please do. Ata kama it means getting custody.

Mwanaume ni muhimu

Strong independent woman who don’t need no man.

The way Navy Seal @uwesmake composes and potrays his ideas in here, clearly elaborates how growing up without a father figure affects girls.

Unajua hawa watoto wanaongewa are the product of your seed.

Oya Eka jina ya hiyo group. Am free all day today. I need to do some trolling

Single mother kids seem to feel somewhat shortchanged by life. It helps if the women can get them to spend time with men who are fathers of kids their age for guidance. They don’t have to have intimate relations with the men, they can be family friends with shared parenting interests.

Strong independent woman cannot replace a father figure. Lakini kunguru in their pack of whores think a man a father of your child can be discarded.

Tupewe link ya hio group haraka sana. Some of us are free and won’t mind being father figures.

This is as result of inbreeding , @uwesmake breeds with his aunt’s producing stupid homosexual offsprings like @Jimit the 15kg foreskined orangutan

Being a father figure is a full time job, very tedious, difficult and challenging. But nothing is too hard for a wise ktalk elder, for in the face of adversity, an elder can conquer the most challenging of situations, that is as long as a single mother is willing to open her legs 360° wide, and suck on this King Kong like her life depends on it. As such, I call upon elders to notify fellow elders of single mothers in need of father figures. I for one call upon the most retarded figure to ever grace this site, one Mr. @PHARMACY , to give up all his females relations in his family for father figure mentorship, since he is a pussy, incapable of such

you guyz know pia male bloggers can decide to troll/search for traffic and make up those stories with female handles.

vile @Electronics4u huunda weird handles na kukuja na fantasy tales

Kama huyo Selina nishampata sasa natafuta hio group alipost huo upuss nizame ndani. Father figure mwenyewe.