Watoto wa kunguru sugu waomba mahakama kuachilia mama yao


Hizo pleads zao ni sauti za chura. Do they really know how serious it is to kill a person? Let justice take its course

The police should also check if the kins/children had a part in that murder ,how can you plead for someone who just murdered Daddy?

It beats reason

Being a husband and a dad is a very thankless Job

True. Imagine your wife murders you and later your kids plead with the courts to set her free. It’s like you had no value to them. That’s why it’s important for a man to move away from his wife and kids at some age and live alone

They pleading coz theyd rather loose one than both parents.
Wako in a dilemma. Sio kupenda kwao.
I dont think hata mama akiwachiliwa things will go back to normal…that monkey of daddy murder will still hang on their backs.
Hio ni zile sasa tufanye nini.

How sure is the LATE HUSBAND that those kids are HIS

I feel for those kids and so I keep looking at this lady’s photo and wondering how on earth she could kill her own husband. I guess I don’t understand this world anymore, it’s too evil.

People should always look before they leap. You might think I can kill him and get over it but the ramifications are always deadly. My take is that she will also be killed by one of the kids one day. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

The pleas are unlikely to sway the court.

The kids could be under pressure from relatives of the wife or the murderer herself. They could also be thinking that they will loose both parents through death and imprisonment.

Watoto wapelekwe children’s home na kasongwe.
She can’t be freed

Huyo matha apelekwe jail achunishwe sukuma

True. had the father killed the mother the children would not have pleaded for leniency

She’s got that hot, sexay femme fatale look.Reminds me of Sarah Cohen

She had a lover.

Tha fak?!

Bitch isn’t doing herself any favours by maintaining that cold, dont-care look.

Can a leopard change its spots?

The poor kids are in a dilemma. The dad was killed and mommy is about to be killed by hanging. Are they better off losing one parent or both parents? The kids are the biggest victims in this case.