Watoto soft

Is it just me or is there an uptick of pretty looking young babes in NBO. Ama ni juu shule ziko midterm?

If thats the case this excerpt of wisdom from depths of ktalk explains it all.

“Most women ( 95% ) look their best at 17 - 21 years. At this age pia hawananga stress za kipuuzi za maisha plus they still got that nubile freshness of a woman who has not spread her legs for several men. By the time a woman hits her mid 20s u can already see the tell-tale signs ya kuchapa, e.g kitambi and a droopy ass plus saggy tits. Kuma pia hukuwa imepanuliwa sawasawa na Alpha males”


you bitch ass nigga, kuchapa ni kawaida to any female, even your mum was once cute before giving birth to you bitch ass nigga!!!

Women age faster than anything else on this planet. Your wife will look all pretty and sexy in her twenties but you won’t be looking twice at her in her forties.