Water Privatization

JSKS keeps talking about water purchasing by private entities…nimemskia several times now…

Machoz loading…

Katiba guarantees every Kenyan a right to life…if you take away water…how now?

Maji si ni Uhai?

Water should never be privatized, period.

JSKS should cease and desist.

Fresh water is becoming a scarce commodity and we all know corporations are privatizing it world over.

Water should never ever be privatized in 254…it’s unconstitutional if Wanjiku has a right to life…

No one can sell or purchase water…that nobody owns ab initio…

it’s a public utility that shall not be privatized profitably

Are you in the water industry? Do you know how water is run in Kenya?

Inform me boss

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JSKS is looking for the easy way out.
Kenya has millions and millions of liters of fresh water idle in our lakes and rivers draining into oceans.

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For example, which rivers and lakes?

He explained that it will be similar to how IPP sell power to Kenya Pawa. To bridge the short fall and stabilize the grid. As usual, the devil will be in the contracts.

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Coca Cola too. Capitalists from US running their puppet, time to pay back

Kenya is a water scarce county. Anybody who wants to discuss water should understand this first

I get where jambass is coming from. Take the Turkana aquifer, it would take an immense operation to purify that water through desalination and they have to pass on that cost to someone…will they get rebates on energy consumption? Will the water bill be subsidized otherwise it becomes unaffordable? What do they do with the brine? All this questions need to be answered. The purifying entity will sell to Turkana Water&Sewerage Co at what rate?

Where is the data on the said aquifer? Kindly share if you have.
Groundwater is normally available in many places but it not portable ie, it cannot be used for consumption or industry without expensive treatment

nilisikia turkana kuna 7quintillion liters ya maji underground yenye inaweza serve kenya 70 years
hio story sijui iliendeleaje

Corporations won’t purchase polluted water…they will buy rights to the scarce fresh unadulterated sources with 99 year contracts…for them to resell at a profit…business 101

It is the duty of the govt to provide water for all its citizens. Na sio tafadhali. So privatising water is a big NO. Hasla should have talked about building more dams like karimenu, thiba, thakwe, northen collector tunnel etc to provide more water for consumption and irrigation to the citizens.


maybe for consumption. For irrigation forget it, we simply don’t have enough for that.