Water price per unit

Nabii amefanya kazi.
Hapa bei ya unit imefika kes225 up from kes 65 per unit

My monthly consumption has been 13-15 units so sikuwai lipa more than 1k.
From April nitalipa to the tune of 3-4k.
I think fast-tracking ranch idea is the way to go…

Jenga underground tank ya 200,000 litres rain water it’s just like a mita and you are good to go

Mnajaza Nairobi bure. Watu warudi ushagoo especially those bonobos who live in slums

I will factor that huko mashinani…hapa Kiambu nigutee,nasikia wataanza ku calibrate boreholes pia

so hii price increase and taxations is a way of Nabii telling people warudi mashambani

13-15 units kwani unafanya mjengo? 1 unit is equal to 1000 litres 13-15 units is equal to 13,000-15,000 litres. Mahali niko a unit goes for kes 130.

This. I’ve done several underground water tanks na ndio by far the cheapest option. Even when fully depending on rain water haitawahi isha. 8x3x10 cumecs inakupea 240,000 liters which is more like industrial size need. Na ujue juu unafanya landscaping yako mzuri. Nobody knows apo chini uko na bonge la tenki


Maji ikikaa sana humo ndani hai develop a certain taste? just asking …lakini that is the best option so far

Unakazia watu wako kutumia maji ndio usilipe bill kubwa…usafi ni muhimu

In slums tap water is 5Bob per 20l. With 150Bob per month you have enough for your needs and even sell surplus

Unahitaji kutreat iyo maji as it moves to the smaller plastic tanks unaekanga kwa ceiling. You also include a water filter na pump. Izo davis and shirtliff wanakusort. Unaeza power na solar. Ukiwa fiti jenga pia septic tank. Kidogo unajikuta uko self dependent. Na ukora ya jsks haikuaffect

Only water collected from clay tiles is suitable for human consumption. Other roofing materials are full of toxins.

Bonobos hawawezi saidika. Maji ikiongezwa they recommend you spend hundreds of thousands to build a rain water tank. Stima ikiongezwa wanasema you spend hundreds of thousands to go buy solar panels and batteries. School fees ikiongezwa they say uende private. etc etc. When will these bonobo tugeges know it is the govt duty to provide services, not using your taxes kuenda kuona Man U games in England and other upus?

Ni ufala huwa imejaa hii Kenya, barabara zikiwa mbaya, tunanunua we buy all weather road cars , not knowing all the extra miles we go to patch on services that the government is supposed to be delivering is an added tax.
In case of private schools, if the government can’t build enough schools, it should contract people to erect private schools and pay them to run them, and parents should take their kids their free of charge.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. There’s a docu on YT called ‘water wars,’ that you should watch.


Water wars ! ! ! , while 2/3 of planet earth is covered with water ? Did you believe what you watched in that documentary ?
The water crisis we have in .ke is more of a resource management rather than a resource scarcity.
I have said severally here, replace Ngong forest with Lake Victoria and you’ll still experience water storages in Nairobi and it’s surrounding. Why ? The infrastructure to deliver water around Nairobi is lucking.

Fafanua hapa kaka…

Hmn…have you seen the inequality btwn the jews and Palestinians hapo westbank? Arabs wakikufa na vumbi Jews wanacheza kwa nyasi.

Kama uko na borehole,wataweka meter ya kupima maji unatumia per month ndio wa ku charge pia but mostly those who resell the water
Kuna ma landlord who have boreholes and have connected meters which they use to charge the tenants with,but sasa unakuta hakuna kitu kanjo inapata kwa sababu maji si yao,so they are seeking to add a calibrated meter at the borehole level to give them usage readings then they’ll charge the landlord based on the readings