Water Everywhere Yet Turkanas Will Perish From Hunger Come Next Year

City drainage systems are clogged with plastics, dam money has been stolen by Deputy Thief Dr. Villian LootAll and he is using it to bribe his way every Sunday and the dindus are cheering him not knowing that it is their stolen taxes being used as bait to ensnare them.


I agree with you…we need a Magufuli or Kagame kind of leader if we are to prosper as a nation.

Brutal dictators are the reason we are in this pit, short term thinking creates short term results.

Think long uncle toms, damn

'We need a’ aren’t you tired of using that same line over and over. That miracle ain’t happening, endelea kuota.
Ww mwenyewe nini unaweza fanya?

Bonobos are now magnetized to think of 2022 elections now… yet issues at hand aren’t talked about like healthcare and economy.

Everywhere it’s BBI , no one is questioning looted money… and the cycle continues. 10 years from now there will be another clone form of BBI …same bonobos will be jumping up and down in support or anti the clone …

As you can see in that gunia that’s BBI that jubilidiots bonobos and ODM are carrying

Without Raila there would be no BBI. Not that Ruto or Uhuru the drunkard are better. Such a messed up system yaani. Nilikuwa kwa bash ya wakenya jana and it was sad to see very well educated, accomplished people taking strong stands pro or against BBI. Watu wanacatch feelings, eish. I don’t know who bewitched us.

Jungle setting isn’t easy to wear off

@Ndindu Usiwe stressed, this is like the 1000th time it’s raining and people start e afterwards or water goes missing.

Wamesahau floods, cancer na njaa. Saa hii ni BBI.

is ndakaini finally full?

On another news nasikia ile dam ya hydro electricity imejaa to the full ,so they want neighbouring people to move because of potential flood … then 6 months from now there will be kplc rationing juu hakuna maji from that dam. As usual bonobos moves

Kuwa na huruma brathe:D:D:D

I like the swing and sync on those chimps, they must be good friends.

uhuru and Ruto right there

More like Uhuru and Raila…Uhu-Rai. Ruto and Uhuru are no longer that close

Bonobos running on Congo jungle software 2.0 are not long term planners and don’t think ahead.

Tell them bro. Mimi husema all races are not the same. I gave an example here about a ZEBU cow and a Holstein Freisian. Both are CATTLE and they breed and reproduce a fertile offspring but are they the SAME? [SIZE=7]NO! [/SIZE][SIZE=4]Same thing with human beings Negroes are not the same as Caucasians[/SIZE]

I have come to the conclusion that there is no good person especially when in power.

Lets stop deceiving ourselves. Power corrupts all. None can have it and remain true and sober.

I believe may be if we had stronger political parties. If we elected officials with integrity in those parties and we put pressure on them to curb and put to order all electorate’s.

Probably we could have control.

Just like Matatu Saccos put into order a chaotic uncontrollable mess we had.

The best dam system I’ve seen was at Del Monte. 6 consecutive dams, one flowing into the other. The engineers on site told me the dams are designed to hold enough water for upto 6 yrs incase of severe drought…and these were dams built between in the early 1970s - late 1980s