Water Engineering

Wazito wanted my younger bro afanye hii course as a Diploma pale KEWI(kenya water institute).leteni maoni

Very marketable, he should target self employment

Akimaliza akuje nimpe kazi

Water engineer hufanya Nini btw

marketable. iko fiti

Those with papers never miss jobs , unfortunately the field is flooded with quakes kuyks sana sana , ukimpee kazi anaitisha down payment anakimbilia pombe !

depends with where he comes from

dont be fooled by these people above me screaming ‘marketable’

it depends with where he comes from

What do water engineers do?
Can’t you all answer a simple question.

Can’t u google a simple query?


Stoopid Al Shaitan mcooshite?

Kwa ufupi decorated plumber

If I WERE you I would advice him to take a diploma in plumbing, he will be more marketable than a water Engineer.
Water Engineers are not Marketable.

@Fala 12 kuja kiasi.

Dig wells.

Yeah, Self employment digging kisimas.

No no no !
As long as construction industry is thriving kazi iko !

Lol. But what do they do?

There’s a world of difference between a well and a borehole.