Water Company Bills Me Just For Having Faucets

Guys, let me just tell you a secret I learnt eons ago pamoja na KPLC.

You should help them get the correct readings, every month back home we would go to their offices and take the correct readings to them and ask them to bill me for that, hio maneno ya estimates hatukuwa tunataka. and the would always readjust their estimates to what is the correct ones we gave them…ofcourse they always sent someone to confirm…That is how we kept those fools in check.

Just walk in the confidently and tell them they might have the wrong readings and that those are the correct ones…


TF kind of excuse is that? Hata kama ni ineptitude… this is just stupid.

I think this is what I’ll do. This might just be the best solution. Sucks that I have to do their job for them though…


Sounds like an extortion racket run by employees, hapa governor anafaa kuwa put on notice amalize hii maneno

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kplc posted 86k na mimi hutumia 200 kila mwezi… kila kitu yangu ni energy saver so I use minimal power.I went to their office complained na the correct meter reading n they adjusted my bill to 200… thieves all over…


mia mbili omwami umetuenjoy, fixed charge ni 150, so kumaanisha you use kitu 5 units a months? Hii si ni ya ku charge simu pekee


Those water bill guys just reminded me of the new EPL/FA indecency rule against the referees. If you complain against unfair ruling, the referee yellow cards you. If you persist, a red card beckons. So what do you do? Throw up your hands in desperation, coil your tail between your legs because if given a chance you can commit murder!!!

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3,000 shillings!! Kwani what is the price of watee according to them?

1 cubic metre of water = 45 shillings.

A cubic metre of water = 1000 litres. The last few months (according to water company) I’ve averaged 6m^3. 200 litres a day sounds OK. Slightly high but about right.

This time I hit 66,000 litres of water!


Same thing I did the one time they gave an estimated bill with twice my usual consumption. Over 5yrs later, no problem at all.