Water Bill

I recently moved into a new flat and I just received a water bill of 1300 (13 units @ 100). In my previous tenancy, my water bill was included in the rent so I never got to know how much water I consumed let alone getting a water bill. So exactly how much do you guys pay for your water?
(Note: This bill is from the property agent not Nairobi Water)

Edit: I’m genuinely ignorant about how much tap water should cost

350 per unit

1300 for a months supply of running water is class A. Africa we take a lot of things for granted.

Kwani how much do you pay exactly?

Uko na family ama man solo?
Tuanzie hapo

My rat agent charges 150 per unit… I usually consume 10 units monthly tuko watatu kwa nyumba…

I pay 657 a month. Good old Kiambu Water.

An average of 100lit a person a day. Anything too far from that kunashida

Landlord is buying water from Kanju and selling it to you at a highly inflated price. Government inamuuzia maji 45 bob per unit. Ata ukiongeza stima ya pumping maji haifai kuuzwa ivo.

As a villager amesema hapo juu, average per capita water usage is somewhere around 120L per day… That would translate to around 3600L pm… Tuseme tu 4000L which is 4 units ergo 400 bob… If waishi solo and are saying you use the equivalent of TWO DRUMS OF WATER ZA 200L per day single-handedly kuna shida mahali… Many borehole water provided rentals charge 100-150 per unit (1000L)of water, kanju clean water ya tap ni under fifteh (last I checked in a maisonette house in South B) but this kanju isn’t applicable here. Check your meter reading if it’s accessible, note it down, wait 30 days and take another reading (ask someone ambaye sio caretaker to help if you don’t understand the digits on the dial) then you can get an idea of really how much is used na sio kupewa an inflated bill by being preyed on for your lack of knowledge

I thought so