Watching news

Watching news nowadays is akin to giving yourself early depression. Nowadays I dont give a fuck about news. Nothing important is being reported.

News nowadays is filled with cases of people killing each other like dogs, government officials involved in corruption and looting public money, the government wanting to fuck us over by introducing more taxes, ruto and raila abusing each other publicly, people committing suicides, others are raping women, men defiling kids, women defiling kids, the govt fucking over sportspeople, players not being paid for months. We are a cursed nation.

Yaani siku hizi hakuna kitu positive kwa news.

…and twenty betting adverts…:D:D

but on a serious note…news people report about four things - greed, power, sex and disaster. a good news bulletin balances these four elements.

tall mnyambo maybe mungu anajaribu kukuashiria uhame kwa nyumba ya madhe ununue TV yako uweke DSTV uone katun network 24/7


Uwes hutaki, yaani uwestaka upuus?

@uwesmake Ni beshte ya @tall mnyama everywhere lakini behind the scenes anajua anaishi kwa wazazi so unaenda incognito[SIZE=1] na @LIEN[/SIZE] upatie boy wake real ahame kwao. Wacha niendelee na jaba

Hujaongea poa

apantambua uwesmakei but upuss tuliwacha huko last year

uwes leo swara unapeleka wapi

Deeeeeeemn…Man down. @tall mnyama everywhere DOWN!

Only remedy is to sell the TV and start reading books.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Ukweli usemwe.


itabidi umeheshimu vijana na si tafasali

That’s what I watched on citizen at 7pm. Nothing worth watching really, I wonder if it’s the same for people living abroad… Or hata nisiende mbali, i wonder if Tanzanians are having the same issues as us…

Liverpool inaumia

@It’s Le Scumbag

Sharrap! Si ulituwekea swariga

kaza babaaa

I don’t watch Kenyan TV anymore especially so local news. My TV nowadays oscillates between documentary channels (National Geographic family), Al Jazeera, BBC and exclusive sports channels.

Nope, their stations report Magufuli and Diamond stories.