ktalkers, i want to buy myself a very nice watch budget ni 10 to 15k ,and where can i buy one. help and i will appreciate.

Google Google Google Google Google

Rado, Nautila.

10k only

This issue has been exhaustively dealt with here. Kaino type.

Ongea na @Luopean.

Import from aliexpress

wewe:D:D:D:D:D umenirudisha…nyuma sana casio a solar
@ kanguthu itina ria ngombe,najua mpaka kwenu ni vile hujui mimi ni nani
@igwee,thanks…i will check on that

Rung’uthu unapenda kuita watu kaino…Gitiii wewe

Enda pablo gift shop CBD,they have good watches for less what you’ve quoted

@Kimakia thanks i will visit

Images usually better than actual items.