Watch Magufuli Demote Incompetent Cabinet Appointee At Public Swearing In..

Gaaaaadamn !!! Bonobo cant read sheet:D:D:D:D:D

That guy just messed up big time. How can he mess up reading simple sentences? I support Maghufuli on that one.

Huyu labda kipapai maana ameshafanya kazi sehemu tofauti serikalini…ila hapo kapotea tena kusoma kiswahili

Everybody in the crowd is like wtf?!

I think Magufuli in the long run will be a good thing for TZ.

He is a great example of what Not to do, another Moi.

As long as he keeps running TZ like a kiosk, more people will be able to see in real time why too much power in one office is bad for any country

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Best leader. I like him.

Did it occur to anyone that the reader forgot his reading glasses and that is why he was having a hard time reading?

That’s incompetent in itself.

Try going for a job interview and giving that excuse.

No do-overs my fren. :smiley:

I was trying to be sympathetic, definitely I would not fire him publicly or outright embarrass in such an occasion…or to put it in another way, I wont hire him.

Already replaced

Great leader.

Magufuli is a fool. How did he appoint him in the first place if he thinks his education is fake? Fools love Megafools

Megafool is drunk with power