Watch China transform a village

Why do the western nations think this party CCP is bad saa yenye inatransoform the lives of its citizens? I think the govt system does not matter so long as it works for its citizens and its citizens are okay with it

What do you think ?

The ‘problem’ with China and East Asians is that is they have shown that there’s an alternative route to development apart from the western prescribed one.

India followed sijui democracy, sijui liberalisation model and they are dealing with slums and toilets in 2020. Sad considering they were on the same level 30 years ago with India having a head start.
Today India doesn’t have its own Tiktoks, Huaweis, One Plus ones, Alibabas and Tencents. These are world class companies that are on par and in some cases better than their Western competitors.
Ni nationalism tu ya kijinga.

When you let, Westerners dictate your development path, expect to remain poor

China is actualised Maendeleo chap chap

china is a beutiful country… but the people:D:D:Dwacha ninyamaze

I think like it was said, it doesn’t matter what color of the cat so long as it catches the mouse. That should be the way. Let all countries go for a system that works for them so long as the citizens are okay with it and the system is working

I admire China a lot. Hata kama kuna corruption huko haija get out of hand kama Kenya. Ile story ya Arror-Kimwarer ilinikatsia sana. Project ingesaidia communities kibao ghaseer inaenda inaiba dough yote mpaka project inacancelliwa.

Nationalism built China, and only low IQ africans are talking bla bla bla china is bad because they let the west dictate them. If China can colonise Africa then its because we africans are not nationalists and suffer from low IQ. China should be an inspiration.

Imagine if that was in Kenya,especially Kirintayag county. That road would never go 20meters across that hill.