Watch as thugs raid an electronics shop

Thursday, 22 July 2021 – Shocking footage showing the moment armed thugs raided an electric shop and robbed the owner at gunpoint has emerged and left Netizens in shock.

In the mind-blowing footage that exposes the rising insecurity in the country, 5 young men are captured on CCTV accosting a man at his electronic shop.

Fearing for his precious life, the shop owner surrendered after one of the thugs brandished a pistol.

After the badly frightened man surrendered, the merciless hoodlums stormed into the shop and ransacked the cash drawers, before making away with some unknown amount of money and electronic gadgets.

The ruthless thugs who were armed to the teeth did not spare even the customers.

Here’s the shocking video.

Is it a slow day at The Daily Post? Between Diamond buying a Rolls Royce and Alai wekelearing his rungu on A poko, one would think you’d have more than enough gossip for the day. I’m pretty sure I watched that robbery video about a year or two ago.

We we unasema two years ago? Mimi niliiona when Veronica Shikwekwe Sidika was still living in Bungoma.

That website is a mess, very untidy. It used to be good

Vyenye @magreb amesema apo juu

CCTV footage iko mpaka date …na sio 2021.