Watch as Jubilee pride brings them down :

When you see a jobless man’s wife give birth to triplets yet a tycoons wife has prayed to have a child for years, fear God, when a degree holder resorts to guarding the gate of a man who never graduated from high school don’t disrespect Education but just value humility.

When an ordinary looking lady marries a man that has it all together yet an epitome of beauty and class has prayed her voice out for a husband with no much success, know it’s not by luck but grace


If you see a man who once changed cars like clothes arguing over the repair of his only bicycle, approach life with a sense of godly awe,. Life is a long journey, life humbles the proud, life teaches painful lessons.


Think through the things you say, the way you treat people around you. Meditate before throwing tantrums and picture the journey before you take steps of looting.

The arrogant don’t last, payback time is irreversible until you harvest all you planted. Humility takes you to places your Education won’t and God’s grace will lift you to where your beauty and natural talent won’t.

Stay humble it will cost you no penny

niliona mahali eti
"ukiwa una download movie kwa ofisi na free WIFI ya Mdosi,Mboch kejani yako ana chemsha maharagwe na gas"malipo ni hapa hapa dunia

life is just life,no way to way to explain it.

There is a song they sing:
Amazing Grace… I like the part about having been blind but now seeing…

Wewe @maizeroaster uko hapo kwa blind,you be seeing soon brother.

ata mii hiyo kitu niliona na sikuelewa.kwani inafaa kuchemshwa na?..ile ningerelate ni ati mboch anaoga na instant hot shower for 3 hours

si anafa kuchemsha na jiko ya makaa…gas cooker madze ni ku waste

ohh…basi iyo sikuwa najua

mchoma mahindi umedinya point…kwa revolution tuko pamoya:D

He he he :smiley:

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ya shimo si ndani ya point

Ríría ndarí mútumumu ngíhihúka maitho

Anaweza tumia shower tu aeka maji kwa karai…

hapo sawa ndugu…ni hapa tu duniani…I can relate …I believe in fate which you can not change …if you were to end up a maizeroaster no matter how hard you try to study engineering or becoming a teacher ,it will never work

There was a time kulikuwa na karae ya chuma …peasants wametoka far bana… Siku hizi ni ya ku-fry mbuta na mandazi


Only a f-ucker like you with that sort of mindsst

isstrue… hii life hueziforce vitu…e.g. RAO,he tried so hard to be president but he was never meant to be…na kama ulikua ukufe birrionea hata ukose ‘kusoma’ utakua tu…Ya Mungu haya:D

This one is the quote for the week…

Inaitwa hali ya malipo… for the free wi-fi ya mdosi ume-waste inalipiwa na plus profit kwa ile gas mboch ana ku-wate -ia kwako home