WATCH: Al Shabaab terrorists wreak havoc in Lamu through IED

Juzi nilikuwa Garissa nikapata somali babes wakiuza kwa host a government official aliniambia nisijaribu juu most of them
Don’t use condoms

Hii nafikisha kwa CS wa interior.

Wueh…probably the stupid CS who rarely condemns the attacks texted the alshabab with the patrol routes.

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Because zoomalis lead our security organs.

Our tanks were made during WW1.

C.c this to @uwesmake :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

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Anti-personnel mines huwa hazibagui, they will maim and kill insurgents, innocent people foraging in the bushes and the odd friendly fire incident. There’s also the question of compensation in case of a mass action suit by innocent victims.

Well camouflaged trail cams can assist in intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance.

You can put up signs telling people it’s a mine filed. You can also draw up diagrams with marked gps coordinates for where the mines are placed. Once the danger is passed you can use those diagrams to safely detonate the minefield with engineering vehicles.

The third option is to ban people from walking around the military installation which they shouldn’t be doing anyway.