Wasomi: naeza learn Japanese wapi

Kuna vile niko na ka interest na iyo lugha ya ma Geisha na ma yakuza, recomend for me a good institution yenye naeza pata masomo within Nairobi



Am not sure but UoN main campus, Education building just next to School of business office there is some sort of Asian language office. Think it was Japanese or Chinese am not sure.


Tbe learning centre, ngong road

Kuna wakati Japanese wenyewe walikuwa wanafundishana for free pamoja na martial arts kama Aikido. The place was called JICC.

Google tu.

Confucius Institute is for Chinese.

Download an app called Duolingo. It will help you in self learning.
Complete the basics then look for a native Japanese friend to help you master the language.

Ack hostels community opposite prisons headquarters,thank me later.

K.u have a great program. Ongea na huyu
Kiruri Sensei. Great teacher.

In the meantime start practising writing hiragana symbols on you tube

Japanese cultural centre, ICEA building. Tried it for six months after high school ikanishinda. Really admired their culture and polite nature

Japanese Audio books, start with youtube

Alikula minyoo huko,cant admire their culture.


Kumamoto Institute of Professional Studies Yokohama Japan.

Just book a one way ticket to Japan and only come back after you have mastered the language.

Tsengiu in advance

What part of in Nairobi did u not comprehend