Wasito wa Chelsea line up kesho? My Preferred Line Up Kesho

@maasai 101, @Mrs Shosho how do you see this line up
I would like Batshuayi to start, he scored two for the U23s. He may want to prove himself too. But I generally dont like his movement and overall football intelligence.
I also think Kovacic is better than Joginho. Kovacic can cover better and has the endurance.
Zouma should be replaced, he looks shaky and a penalty-waiting-to-happen. [ATTACH=full]255713[/ATTACH]

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Would be nice if we can have Rudiger back, but i still rate Giroud higher than Batshuayi. What do you think?

Both are very wasteful but true, Giroud is a better player.

I think its good to remove Tammy Abraham from the line of fire for a game or two. He can be introduced as a sub. This will shield from him negative press. The lad is still young

Still looking foward for our first win…anyway hii season itakuwa ngumu bado.

He is good uliona game ya man u.He can shoot given the chances.Batshuayi is a good back up for him.Giroud is not a lethal striker

Teemu Eino Antero Pukki

We just need goals. i don’t care where they come from.

Bio game mukijaribu sana Ni draw

Kasia, wacha swara

Wasted 6M of my precious FPL pesos for Barkley smh…

Pukki to score 2 goals

I had wasted 5M on Joginho. I sold him. Mount seems a good pick

iko sawa bora walete jorginho kama sub wa kovacic…Pia Alonso arudi.Angekua game ya Leicester tungeshinda.

I think I agree with you on Abraham. He got such a mauling from the press.

Chelsea mkimaliza top 10 ni miracle. Start praying and fasting.

Hawa waote ni maghasia. Chieth tupu kabla September ifike mtakuwa mumeanza kuinua placard. FRANK LAMPARD CHIETH OUT.

All I know tutakuwa juu ya Arsenal na Man Useless

Which team do you support? nafikiria we have started badly but we will gain momentum as the days fly by. The media has also been speculating too much about our Manager Lampy. Which kills morale of the players. They are quite young but that is evident across the EPL teams this season which is a good thing.