Washapata experience ya kutosha, wamegraduate from kuiba tu-Demio na Fielder

Birrionaires sasa hawataenjoy mali yao kwa amani? The rate at which vehicles are getting stolen in this country is quite worrying. Kila siku kwa chochio media lazima nikutane na mtu ana-report a stolen car. I assume there are several more who don’t post their tribulations online. The fact that most of these stolen vehicles are never recovered points to a highly organized operation, or syndicate as the police like to call them. There’s no way such thefts can succeed without complicity from some elements of the security forces. This country is truly rotten.

Hii ishachinjwa.

Second hand spare parts dealers are the ultimate receivers of the stolen vehicle parts. I know a guy who was a mere mechanic the other day but is now operating a big spares shop with plenty of stock.

Mali imesha fika shamba… but never say never kuna neighbour alipata harrier yake 3yrs after it was stolen.

Too bad. I saw a woman leave a shop and found her car stolen. Alikuwa anaitafuta mpaka kwa mifuko ya jeans na kwa bag. She was temporarily insane. She screamed and the people who came to assist her robbed her.

Crisis ikikuangukia hukuangukia double double.

Finna screenshot this thread, print it, laminate the pic and walk around with pics. Motherfuckers ask me why I don’t got a car I simply hand them the image. Sitaki stress.

Itabidi tumenunua Tesla.
Gari ukiiba inasimama kando ya barabara na inapigia polisi simu.

:D:D:D… this is ridiculous.

ikiwekwa full autonomy itapiga simu ikipeleka brukhenge polis station…

Mwibiwo labda ni mwici pia

Watu wanunue uropian cars. Volvo hakuna vile wataharvest spare parts.

kwani comprehensive insurance ni ya nini vile munalia kama panya

Remember when they stole a Landcruiser VX last year and had already done a facelift, then changed colour and plates and were planning to resell it.

Siku utapatana na real owner then hand him your laminated shit utskijua. You will be in great shit

Your brain too heavy can’t think today?

Funny how u describe uaself

Settlement ndo shida those niggas watakuzungusha for months or years or decide not to pay over some technicality

With comprehensive insurance, gari ikiibiwa unafurahi juu sasa unaweza upgrade bila bibi kuleta stress :D:D:D

Wanasemanga when it rains it pours.

Invest in a good vehicle tracker and set parameters.