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8 countries that
will pay you to move there pic.twitter.com/IfBFqxITmF

Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) September
2, 2023


The idea of daily midday siestas sounds enticing, noana nikiemigrate.


Sisi tuko choir


Here’s a little secret about emigrating anywhere as an African: Check if there’s a black population there. It doesn’t have to be full of blacks like Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Atlanta, Baltimore etc… but if you see a black population that is in the low single digits percentage-wise or maybe even a fraction of a percentage, don’t learn the hard way as to why negroes are not there. Don’t also be fooled by beautiful YouTube and Tiktok lists… also find the clips/ articles that highlight the negatives about a place. You learn more from such.


Actually this is the main reason I am apprehensive about moving to most foreign countries.Racism


To be a negro in this world is really just, as Ralph Ellison said it very well, to never be looked at. And what white people see when they look at you isn’t you; you’re invisible. What they do see when they look at you is what they have invested you with, and what they have invested you with is all the agony, and the pain, and the danger, and the passion, and the torment of sin, of death, of hell of which all Westerners are terrified - you represent a level of experience which white people deny.


Mimi ni GMO’s na MSGs, my ideal destination would be somewhere in the South East Asia region that isn’t Singapore. I simply love their wide variety of organic dishes, reasonable cost of living and willingness to adopt technologies.

Kwa iyo list pengine Saskatchewan Canada. Shida ni baridi na loneliness

Mliambiwa mskii.

Young people with Nothing to Lose.

Best time to be ALIVE.